Pelajar di Jombang Curi Ponsel Milik Tetangganya Sendiri, Aksinya Terekam CCTV Sangat Jelas

Pelajar di Jombang Curi Smartphone Milik Tetangganya Sendiri, Aksinya Terekam CCTV Dengan Sangat Jelas.

MWR, pelajar di Jombang pencuri ponsel diapit petugas di Polsek Jombang Kota, Rabu (28/11/2018). 

TRIBUNJATIM.COM, JOMBANG - Jombang City Police Officer arrested an initial student of MWR (16) because he was caught stealing a cellphone at his neighbor's Kusminto (40) home, in Sambongdukuh Village, Jombang City District.

The suspect's actions were discovered after being recorded by CCTV (closed circuit television) installed at Kusminto's house.

When the incident happened, Kusminto was going to a neighbor's house, and the smartphone was left at the table in a charge, Tuesday (11/27/2018).

Kusminto then reported to the Jombang City police station, regarding the incident that happened to him, along with his CCTV footage.

Based on the contents of CCTV footage, the police secured the MWR, a student, who was also the victim's neighbor.

"The perpetrator who is still the victim's neighbor, allegedly the perpetrator of the theft of 1 unit of the victim's cellphone," said Jombang City police chief, AKP M Suparno to, Wednesday (11/28/2018).

In addition to securing the suspect, the police also secured evidence in the form of 1 smartphone Y51L type black Vivo which was suspended by the suspect, and 1 white Samsung brand charger.

"Because the suspects are still underage, we are delegated to the Satreskrim Women's and Children's Services Unit at Jombang Regional Police, to be followed up," said AKP Suparno. (sutono)

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