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Lirik Lagu 'Who Do You Love' MONSTA X feat French Montana, Lengkap dengan Video dan Terjemahannya!

Lirik lagu Who Do You Love MONSTA X feat penyanyi asal Amerika Serikat French Montana, lengkap dengan terjemahannya!

Lirik Lagu 'Who Do You Love' MONSTA X feat French Montana, Lengkap dengan Video dan Terjemahannya!

Lirik lagu Who Do You Love MONSTA X feat penyanyi asal Amerika Serikat French Montana, lengkap dengan terjemahannya!

TRIBUNJATIM.COM - Boygroup asuhan Starship Entertainment, MONSTA X mengeluarkan single baru mereka berjudul 'Who Do U Love' .

Lagu berjudul 'Who Do U Love' MONSTA X sudah dirilis sejak Jumat 21 Juni 2019.

Dalam single berjudul 'Who Do U Love' ini, MONSTA X berkolaborasi dengan penyanyi dan rapper asal Amerika Serikat (AS) French Montana.

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Diketahui seluruh lagu ini menggunakan Bahasa Inggris dan sama sekali tidak menggunakan Bahasa Korea.

Berikut lirik lagu 'Who Do U Love' dari MONSTA X feat French Montana

In the heat of the moment
When you're all alone and out of breath
What’s keepin' you goin?
What do you see up in your head?
When your eyes are closing
Where do you wish you were, instead?
You got me hanging by a thread, yeah
Oh, tell me now

Who's the one that takes you higher than
Than you’ve ever been?
Baby, I just got to know the answer
Who's the one you think of night and day?
Ain't no time to waste
I'm just tryna say

Who do you love? Is it him or me?
'Cause I can't take the pressure anymore
Who do you love? Girl, it's killin' me
If you can’t say that I’m the one for sure
Then I'm walkin’ out the door

(Ayy ayy, skrrt skrrt)
Aye, I'ma need me a new thing (Thing)
He ain't believe his boo thing
Show me the 'Titty Boi’, 2 Chainz (Whoo)
Now the beef cookin' like Gordon Ramsay (Ramsay)
We should be somewhere that's hot and sandy (Sandy)
Used to post up in New York, like Marcus Camby (Camby)
My two tings fighting, like Monica and Brandy (Brandy)
Now, now in that two door, ooh, wait (Wait)
They're asking "Who you love?", like Cool J (Cool J)
80's baby down the middle, like KD
And1, that's my other lane (Whoo)
Them boys is next, Montana, Monsta X

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