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Download Lagu MP3 'Gold Coast' Rich Brian, Dilengkapi Lirik dan Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia!

Link download MP3 Gold Coast Rich Brian dilengkapi lirik, terjemahan bahasa Indonesia dan video!

Download Lagu MP3 'Gold Coast' Rich Brian, Dilengkapi Lirik dan Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia! 

Link download MP3 Gold Coast Rich Brian dilengkapi lirik, terjemahan bahasa Indonesia dan video!

TRIBUNJATIM.COM - Lirik video lagu Gold Coast - Rich Brian dirilis melalui kanal YouTube 88rising pada Senin (14/10/2019).

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Lirik lagu Gold Coast - Rich Brian

Sit your as* back down, man, who you fightin'?
Actin' like that shit gon' solve your problems
These bad b*tches ain't lookin' for your kindness
I don't even got my driver's license

All my friends got New Year's resolutions
Why you still the same? Lil' bitch, it's already November
Got so many nights that turned upside-down in my camera
Sleepin' just to get a little pause from all this

Noise up in my temple, close my eyes, for 10 more mothafu*kin' minutes
Beg your pardon, am I in your way?
Well, I don't give no fu*k now

Saw you switchin' up months in advance, you lost my trust now
I just made a new friend, she don't call me 'less we fu*kin'
Crazy how the days pass you by
We get lost in findin' ourselves

Forget the way home, forget what is wrong and right
But thick and thin, you know we gon' fight
(We gon' fight, we gon' fight)
All my brodies ride with me 'til the end

If it's problems, then just go tell me what's the issue
They talk about wantin' change
But they know they still gon' ask why you tryna be new
You swear that she ridin' with you

But tell me, why she be riding me too?
The smell of Rosewater mist on her face
It got me cursed, baby, now I can't move

It's 2 A.M. in Gold Coast
What time is it there? Send me a text, girl
Tell me how you've been
Just help me think about somethin' else

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