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Download Lagu MP3 'Lit' LAY EXO, Single Terbaru 2020, Video Sempat Trending YouTube

Berikut link download MP3 Lit dinyanyikan LAY EXO, lagu Korea terpopuler 2020.

Lay EXO 

TRIBUNJATIM.COM - Berikut link download MP3 Lit dinyanyikan Lay EXO, lagu Korea terpopuler 2020.

Lay Zhang Yixing EXO merilis lagu terbarunya yang berjudul Lit pada 31 Mei 2020.

Lagu tersebut sempat menduduki trending YouTube dengan jumlah penonton 7 kali tayang.

Berikut lirik lagu Lit - LAY

Look at me good
You make an answer
Look at me good
You know what I'm saying

Want to knock me down
What do you want from me
They got all eyes on me

Standing on the next level
Be ready, to get my title
Not noticing any filth
The lotus that live in the silt but not imbrued
I'm still walking the path
But never turned back
Heading towards the next level
Now we go

Take take take
No one beat me down

Take take take
Play another round

Take take take
Can't knock me down

Take take take
Walking my own path

I am the lotus
Lit lit lit
I am lit

Too many people can't tell what's right from wrong
Confusion is caused by a loss of faith
Too many lies, become cheated
Rumors are spread as truths

Danger all the way until now
The cliches are your dialogues
Don't run wild with your imaginations again
King never gets weary

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